Dip N Sip Lockdown Edition


Lockdown might feel dull but fear not! Your local pop art-inspired painting experience is here to help, all from the comfort of your own home.

Dip N Sip will deliver all your paint needs with this DIY craft kit, right to your doorstep. Enjoy a night in with a plus one alongside your favourite bottle of vino!

Select Two images of your Choosing and Note them in the comments section on the Cart.



Each Craft Box includes FREE delivery of the following:

  • Simple How-to Instructions Customised for each sketch
  • Two canvases (30 x 40)
  • Two sets of either 10 or 15 paint brushes
  • Two sets of 6-7 paint pots
  • Two disposable aprons
  • Four plates for paint mixing
  • Two sketches with ANY two images of your choosing
  • Two HB pencils
  • Two Cups

Choose from the below artworks at the checkout (as pictured in the Book Now Tab):
1. Marilyn
2. A Tiffany Box
3. Lion
4. I’ll be there for you
5. Kim
6. Frieda
7. Dior Donuts
8. Celine
9. I Wonder
10. WW and SM
11. Shake it to Shakur
12. It’s Mario
13. Side-eye in the car
14.Smiley Smurfette
16. Girl In Red
17. Rolling Stones
18. Aaliyah
19. Safe Superman
20. Batman in Quarantine
21. Ice Cube
22. Lets Gambit
23. Crying Girl

+ More options coming soon!

These at-home painting kits are the perfect activity to keep yourself entertained and let your creative juices out, especially great for those searching for creative things to do at home. Use this time as a creative distraction to try one of Dip n Sip’s exciting paint sketches in-house.

What you’ll need
  • Water
  • Napkins/wipes


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